Rosa Zangenberg, 06.06.1995, Copenhagen, Denmark
Visual artist and writer based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands




For the ALL INN group exhibition at Het HEM, I presented 3 paintings, 2 of which were part of my graduation show and one new painting. In the works Old Bread (2020) and Site (2020), I question and challange the canvas as a mere support of the pictorial part in the painting. The role of the canvases in the works take an unquestionable crucial position for the perceiving of the works. Being on the border between 2D and 3D, as well as soft and solid, their human-like posture refuse to be positioned by the viewer but rather aim to engage in a conversation between them and the viewer.

Overview of the installation

Old Bread (left and right)
Pictures by Alexander Namrok

Details of Site (left and right)
Pictures by Alexander Namrok

Untitled (2020) (left and right)